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Socially Distant Lap Dances? Tips for staying safe in the club

With some clubs already open across the country and others scheduled to reopen in the coming weeks, how do we stay safe?

How do we stay safe in dark clubs with less than optimal ventilation, if there even is actual ventilation that does more than recirculate the same dirty air all night?

When our money is made from close interactions with strangers who have been known in the past to try to exploit us by bartering on prices and testing our boundaries with unwanted and unconsented physical contact. 

I suppose if ‘joe the idiot’ is at least wearing a mask he’s less likely to sneak his tongue onto your body. Maybe less of his hot breath will end up on your face as he leans close to tell you “You’re too good to work here” or that he finds you really hot. 

How do we maintain our safety and regain our income? More than likely we can’t rely on our clubs to maintain or enforce safety measures for us, so we will have to create ones for ourselves. (not like that’s a big surprise)


Staying Safe at Werk, An Action Plan:


1.) Hand Sanitizer

Keep a small container in your bag and use it before & after every client interaction, and honestly give them some as well. If they give you shit, remind them that if they want your fun party energy you have to stay healthy. That you care about their health as much as your own.

Tip: If your club doesn’t allow bags on the floor, consider a small spritz bottle you can keep in your garter or in a hair tie on your wrist like you would your lip gloss. 


2.) Bring a Ziploc baggie for your cash!

Don’t put loose bills in your bag next to your phone, clothes, makeup, etc. Put all your stage tips & dance money in a Ziploc in your bag. The longer that money is near your body the more often you’re going to reach down and thumb through it, the more likely you’ll touch your face without realizing you just thumbed some dirty ass money.

The irony of me, the girl who is known to put bills in her mouth during go-go sets, suggesting this is clear. I probably had Rona before it ever was discovered, or some other weird-ass sickness that I thought was only a cold. 

Tip: If your club doesn’t allow bags on the floor, try to put that money in a baggie in your locker every hour or so. Minimize the spread of contact as best you can and of course, sanitize those hands after you count that cash.


3.) Be FIRM on your boundaries & charge more!

We already know Joe Schmoe is going to try to haggle with us on the price of the dance or not tip us after. We know he will try to get us to practically beg for that dollar he’s dangling in front of him during our stage set.

Remember you are not only providing a service, you’re risking your health to do it. No more dances without payment upfront. Ask for a tip every time. EVERY TIME. The price of dances hasn’t gone up in over 20 years, now is the time. No more $20 dances. 

If they don’t want to pay, move on. Now is not a time to back down on your prices or your boundaries. Now is the time to teach customers we are no longer accepting less than we deserve. 

4.) Bring multiple outfits & a plastic bag

Ok, I know you probably do this already but legit, pack a couple of extras. Keep the outfits you’ve worn separate from your clean ones by bringing a plastic bag to put them in. We all know that feeling of needing to change after a certain customer, the same rule here.

Change AT LEAST once during your shift, after a VIP room or a long session of dances. Hell, are we even doing dances & VIP? I couldn’t tell you, I’m not back to work yet, but I do know I have some anxiety about it. (if you couldn’t tell)

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We can get back to full-fledged happy sluts, but let’s stay safe while we do it. Let’s bring the joy back that we do so well, and let’s keep it that way by being as cautious as we can.

Your body is your business and keeping it healthy keeps you paid.

Haven’t gotten back to club life yet? You still have time to adjust back to that nightlife schedule.