Customized Wellness Plan

Feel like you don’t have the time or financial resources to fully commit to coaching just yet?
Still sticking to that ride or die DIY attitude cause you aren’t convinced coaching is for you?
I get it.

The thing is grrl….

… Unlike your overbearing roommate, I’m not going to tell you what to do with your life. Instead, I’ll listen to your concerns and frustrations (tears are totally allowed) and help you pinpoint what your biggest struggle is right now. Then, together, we’ll create a plan that works best for YOU.

From starting a movement practice, managing stress, streamlining your schedule, overcoming financial hurdles to prioritizing self-care strategies to offset the emotional labor of the work you do, not to mention just existing as a womxn in this world. A customized wellness plan will help you go from Fuck This! to Fuck, Yassss!

With this plan, you’ll feel engaged in your life again and you can tell Felicia, BYEEE! because you don’t need her unsolicited advice. You’ve got everything you need to make sure you are taking the best care of you.

So, shut your door, crank up your favorite hype song and let the glow up begin. Just don’t forget to open a widnow to let out those E-6000 fumes.


So How Does it Work Tho?

Step 1: I’ll send you an initial questionnaire to help you get clear on where you are and where you’d like to be to help provide an initial idea of your struggles & goals.

Step 2: In a 75-minute call we will further discuss your goals in 4 areas: Food & Nutrition, Movement, Productivity & Organization, Money & Finances and pinpoint your #1 challenge. Then, we will create a plan with 3 action steps you can take to achieve the goal you set, plus helpful tools for success.

Step 3: All of this information will be emailed to you in an easy to follow document that you can reference anytime you feel stuck.

Step 4: If you want to keep the momentum going, we can discuss 1-on-1 coaching options or if you prefer to keep on like the independent queen you are, that’s cool, too!


 Just like super gluing the sole of your heel back on will only get you through a few more nights of dancing, constantly seeking quick fixes will leave you struggling to implement lasting habit change. 


One 75-minute strategy call and customized wellness plan  $115

If you’re ready to start tackling your health the same way you do your hustle, like a boss bitch.  Click below to schedule your call.. 

Didn’t Find What You’re Looking For?

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1-on-1 coaching is like having a strippah mom but instead of mastering how to capture the audiences attention and where to buy the best mesh bra you’ll  learn the tools, strategies, and mindset shifts necessary to develop new habits in all areas of your health & wellness.


Already have a consistent exercise habit and a strong grasp on your overall wellness, but feel lost knowing exactly what to do in the gym? Do you bounce from one online workout program to the next? Let me take the guess work out by creating a program specific to your goals so you can spend more time making money moves. 


Ever wish the gym felt more like the commraderie in the dressing room, but instead of catching up on the latest drama, you were sharing struggles and learning about healthier habits with people who actually get you? Then my 6-week online group coaching program is the grrl gang you’re looking for. 

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