September Fitshowgirl Spotlight: Sunny Serrano

The Fit Showgirl Spotlight for the month of September is Sunny Serrano. Sunny is an exotic dancer at Pumps Brooklyn, which happens to be where I met her. Sunny was born and raised in Barcelona,Spain and has been living in the States for eleven years.  She grew up as dancing classical ballet, but as many women who do, she learned she did not have a “classical ballerina’s body” and quit dancing ballet. This is her story

Sunny Serrano – From Ballet to Pole Dancing:

The fact that I did not have a classical ballerina’s body should but as a teenager, in the environment I was at the time, it did. I developed a very unhealthy relationship with my body and I tortured myself for years trying to be something I simply wasn’t. In my early 20’s I had finally moved to NYC to pursue my dream of majoring in dance but dancing had become unsustainable for my health and instead I had to quit dancing altogether.

This was a low point in my life, I was very sick and very young. I had just arrived to NYC and had no friends or family around. I had no fucking clue what to do with myself and to make things worse I had kept my sickness secret from all the people close to me. It made me feel profoundly sad and lonely. I did not dance or work out at all for 4 years.

I changed majors and graduated with a BA in Fine arts and Technical Theater and kept myself busy. Many times I thought I was done dancing for good, but my soul craved moving. As as soon as I was done with college I started taking random dance and fitness classes here and there. This time I was older, my healed body and mind was wiser. I was determined to not go through the same hell again. I had been in the sex industry for years at this point, and through a series of events I landed in a pole dance class at Crunch and I loved it!

It was an epiphany. For the first time in all my dancing years I finally felt I was moving and not fighting with my body. Because of pole dancings main connection to the sex industry it felt right for me. A friend in the industry who knew about my newly discovered passion told me about Pumps. I auditioned and got a job that same night.

I have been a full time exotic dancer at Pumps since that day and it’s been a very positive experience for me. I am excited to keep dancing and becoming a better dancer and aerialist in an industry that, despite all its bad reputation, I fully appreciate and treasure.

September Fit Showgirl Spotlight Sunny Serrano


What is your name? Sunny Serrano

How long have you been performing? I’ve been dancing at Pumps for 4 years.

What type of performance do you do? I am an exotic dancer.

September Fit Showgirl Spotlight Sunny Serrano
Photo by Jose Contreras

 What does fit mean to you? I think fit to me, now, means…. Ok, maybe this helps to describe it. I think of my body like an instrument, let’s say a violin. Instruments have to be tuned to produce music, depending how tuned they are they’ll produce different sounds. I think training is like tuning my body and I feel fit when I feel “tuned”, when I feel I can produce movement.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”] I think training is like tuning my body and I feel fit when I feel “tuned”, when I feel I can produce movement.[/Tweet]


When do you feel your best? When I’m moving.

How often do you workout or are you active? I always rest on Sundays! – and most Wednesdays. I train 2 to 5 hours on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and I work 3 nights a week. Between work and training it’s around 16 hours/week. I don’t always achieve 16 hours every week, but on my best weeks I do! I’m slowly getting better at training 16 hours most weeks. My goal is to keep increasing that number slowly.

Do you have an exercise or workout regiment? My training schedule is the same every week and I try to be constant. I’ll change anything in my day but my training hours.

Do you prefer to work out at home, the gym or attend classes?  Right now I attend classes. I’m slowly learning to work out on my own, but up till very recently I found it was a rather frustrating experience. It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to do it successfully. It’s one of my goals for this fall!i

Is there a specific type of workout/exercise you haven’t tried but are interested in? Currently I’m working on the dance trapeze, static trapeze and pole. I’d really like to try more aerial apparatuses. In my wildest dreams I see myself in a German Wheel, but it’s a dream, I’m too scared! Maybe one day I’ll feel prepared.

 September Fit Showgirl Spotlight Sunny Serrano

Is there a certain area of your body you concentrate on? What do you do to target that area?Right now I’m working on my back bends and opening my hips. It’s not rewarding it takes a long time to see progress but I really love that kind of torture!

Do you have a favorite piece of workout gear or accessory? My warm-up cozy pants. They’re a disgusting piece of clothing. So is my money bag that I use at the club, I’ve had it for 4 years! I wash it, but let’s face it, it’s probably disgusting. I love my money bag and my cozy pants!

What are your words of advice for others on how to stay fit & focused in the nightlife world? Not drinking really helps! But that was easy for me, I never liked drinking too much. Stretch! Especially if you work in heels. Ankles, feet and calves really need it. Heat pads and Epsom Salt baths do miracles.


I took a day to go visit Sunny at Circus Warehouse for her dance trapeze class. The whole environment was quite inspiring and jaw dropping to watch. Throughout the whole open buiding people were working on various training skills. There were a couple people in the back training on the German Wheel. Closer to the trapeze area a class was running drills up and down the chinese pole. Other people were scattered around working on the lyra or stretching and just being badass

September Fit Showgirl Spotlight Sunny Serrano

I only stayed for about an hour as it’s a three hour class. In the time I was there I was able to watch her and her class help other each go through positions on the trapeze, stretch and do their splits circle. After that they moved onto the dance!  Out of pure luck I happened to catch  in her words her “first decent” pinwheel on film. 

Watch video clip of it on Fit Showgirls Instagram.

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