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The Muggle Life Juggle: 5 Tips for Surviving Nightlife with a Day Job

I talk a lot about juggling muggle life and nightlife but I truthfully haven’t done it in years. I left my day job in fashion almost three years ago to pursue performing and nightlife more fully. Until recently my 9-5 was 9pm to 5am

Now it seems I’m back to muggle juggle. Since returning from Sri Lanka I’ve been working early mornings at the gym as well as late nights at the club. The lack of sleep and stress of living out of my bag is all too real once again. Living in New York, schlepping around a bag all day is not a new endeavor, everyone does it.  The struggle is needing to be up and out of the house by 7am. That’s the real shock to the system.

The Muggle Life Juggle: 5 Tips for surviving nightlife with a day job. #nightlife #performer #mugglelife

Finding the ability to be perky and motivational for a client when I myself am sleep deprived is challenging. I have never been a morning person which is exactly why nightlife appeals to me so much. My body never really feels like it has hit it’s groove for the day until about 7pm. Once dusk falls all the synapses begin firing. 

The muggle life juggle cuts into the amount of sleep we get, which in turn affects not only our brain function but our ability to make healthy food choices and even our resting heart rate. When juggling a day job and nightlife any amount of free time is precious. So, how do we set boundaries and alot enough downtime when most days start early and end late. 

The key to juggling both worlds is in our ability to maximize free time by planning ahead. 

These five simple things can help you do just that, and prepare you for success. The sleep however, that comes on the weekends. 

5 Tips for Surviving Nightlife with a Day Job

I can’t stress this one enough. So many of us skip meals or end up grabbing not so great food on the go. We just don’t have the time or money to sit down to a healthy meal. Or do we? Once or maybe twice a week depending on your ever changing schedule, prep and cook for week. When your food is waiting in the fridge portioned out into grab n’ go Tupperware there’s no need for that mid-day bag of chips. Trust me I’ve been there. Plus with all the adorable lunch bag options these days, why not save money and bring a delicious home cooked meal with you?

I mean have you seen the ones by Betsey Johnson?!  

Let’s be honest we both know you’re going to hit snooze in the morning until the last possible second you have to get out bed. So why leave packing your gig bag, gym bag or that oversized tote you call a purse for the morning. Not only will pre packing your bag the night before, leave you extra time in the morning, it will lessen the chance you’ll forget a part of your costume or clean not sweaty underwear for after the gym.  I completely forgot to pack my dress for a show once, let’s not be that person.

If you aren’t scheduling your social media on Facebook or using a site like Buffer, you need to be. Now. Life has enough time sucking obligations, don’t let social media posts be one of them. Just like with meal prep, sitting down once a week and pre-planning your social media for the week is time-management at it’s best.  While you’re at it why not design and plan out what your instagram feed will look like, yep there are apps for that too. My go to is Mosaico…. You’re Welcome.

The efficient and business savvy performer keeps all their important info in google drive. If you don’t live in NY and haven’t taken one of the wonderful classes at The New York School of Burlesque, it’s possible you’ve never heard this. By having set folders in your google drive that have all your act music as well as current promo photos and a brief bio, you are a producers dream. There is no more need to wait until you are home to send any requested info. Now not only are you organized and ready on the go, I’ll bet that producers are commenting to each other about how they never have to bug you for info. Keep tabs on your inbox, you might just notice your bookings increase.

Whether it’s once a month or once a week, pick a day and set it aside for yourself. Once you set a day, mark it on the calendar. This day is your day to spend how you choose, but it is yours. By blocking it off on the calendar like you would a gig, it’s now a part of your schedule. This ensures that even if you say “Yes!” to every opportunity that comes your way, a problem many of us have, you won’t have neglected the most important thing. You.


Maybe you already do all of these things. Maybe you just just had an ah-hah moment. I ask you to incorporate at least one of these five into your routine and leave me a comment about how it works out for you.

Hustle On.