Minneapolis Burlesque Festival: Day in the life of a Fit Showgirl

 It’s time for another Day in the Life of a Fit Showgirl post! I’ve decided to write one of these every time I travel for a Burlesque Festival, event or vacation.

For this past trip I was headed off to Minnesota for The Minneapolis Burlesque Festival.  Traveling for festivals is one of my favorite things about performing, but it’s also exhausting. I have a penchant for working the night before traveling and taking the first red-eye flight to wherever it is I’m headed. There is nothing quite like an all nighter followed by sleeping on the plane.

It’s relevant to note that by the time I boarded my plane at 8am I had been awake for twenty-two jam-packed hours. Because of this I’m going to recount the day before I left town through the first day of festival. I mean accuracy is important. Right?

a href=”http://www.fitshowgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Minneapolis-Burlesque-Festival_-Day-in-the-life-of-a-Fit-Showgirl.jpg”>Minneapolis Burlesque Festival: Day in the Life of a Fit Showgirl

Twenty-Two Hours To Departure

10am- WAKE UP!
I had stayed the night at my partners in BFE Queens which means having to be up in time to catch the hourly LIRR back to the city or risk walking 20 minutes to the 7 train, which will be running local. Originally I planned on sleeping in as my nail appointment wasn’t till 2pm but I just so happened to drop my phone in water the evening before and needed to replace it before going out-of-town. How lucky for me, just one more un-needed expense and task to tackle the day before leaving town. Woo hoo!!

12pm- I arrived in midtown and hit the T-mobile on 34th street – the horror! I anticipated it being really busy but managed to make it out in fifteen minutes, leaving me with A TON of time to kill before 2pm. So of course I went shopping and ended up picking up a sweet little jumpsuit to wear at the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival. Minneapolis Burlesque Festival

Getting my nails done before a trip is essential. I always get them done to match my costume. This means I can write them off on my taxes because they have just become a business expense. Score! (*note I only write off nails I get done specifically for a show or festival)

5:30pm- I finally made it home from the city by 5:30 and now needed to pack my bag, back up my old-phone and get my new one working. I also needed to clean and prep my kitty’s litter box. While doing so I realized I didn’t have enough cat litter. So I was off  on an urgent run to Target….the closest place to my apartment that sells the litter I use (which of course they were out of). Talk about serious time crunch! At this point I had no choice but to call and say I’d be late to work.

Being a broke New York showgirl this means lugging my giant suitcase 10 blocks to the train, making a transfer and then lugging it another 10 blocks to work. Hustle life indeed.

9:30pm – 4am- Stripping the night awayMinneapolis Burlesque Festivall

4:20am – Chug a redbull then take a cab to the subway station 6 blocks away and hop on the train to JFK..

I made it to the airport with plenty of time. Thank goodness because I felt like I was moving in slow motion and my body was ready to crash. I found my gate and settled in to eat the chicken sandwhich I had delivered to work.. Eating in airports can be challenging with celiac disease. Especially at 6am when most places are only serving pre-made breakfast sandwiches. These days I always bring my own food to the airport. It saves money, hunger pains and possible stomach-aches. 

7:45am – Board the plane and promptly pass out!!

Minneapolis Burlesque Festival

My flight landed twenty minutes early. 

12:30pm-  Enjoyed a delicious lunch at Tao Natural Foods with Deeva. They had so many great gluten-free options it was a relief to be able to eat without stress. I ended up having an amazing sweet potato and black bean burrito in a gluten-free wrap. 
Gluten Free Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritto

2:00pm-4:30pm- NAP TIME!!
After a two and a half hour nap I was finally feeling like a human being again and ready to take on the rest of the day

5:30pm: Burlexercise with Deeva Rose at Expertease Fitness & Studio Sweet. Minneapolis Burlesque Festival:
When Deeva told me she was teaching Burlexercise I knew right away I wanted to tag along and take her class. There was a great mix of ladies in the class, most of who had never taken a burlesque class before. It was a fun and easy-going low intensity class that still left you sweating. If you’re in Minneapolis look it up, it’s a great change of pace from your typical workout class.

8:00pm – SHOWTIME!
Sherry Bomb & I managed to arrive at the Lab Theater for night one at the Minneapolis Burlesque Festival just in time to grab our swag bags and find seats in the performer balcony before the show started. Something I appreciate so much when traveling is when the producers of a festival allow the performers to attend all the shows for free. Festivals aren’t cheap after travel costs and applications fees and it’s always a shame if you
have to miss out on shows due to budgeting.  So, Thank You Elektra Cute & Gina Louise for being so accommodating!

Minneapolis Burlesque Festival12:30am –  TACOS!
Nothing quite hits the spot like 1am tacos after a long night of watching your friends take their clothes off. Word on the street was that the best late night tacos were at Los Ocampos so  Sizzle Dizzle, Sherry Bomb & Gigi La Femme and I piled in a cab and hit the road. It’s always fun to takeover into a local taco joint in sequins, spandex, glitter and rhinestones. People never know how to react while they try to figure out where all these sparkly people came from.

2:30am – GOODNIGHT!
The moment my head hit the pillow I was out for the count. My body was ready for a solid night of rest before night two of the festival…the night I perform.


This was definietly one of my most draining travel days I’ve ever had. I hope I never have to do all my trip prep in one day ever again!

Are your travel days as long and hectic as this when you travel be it for work or leisure?

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