1-on-1 Health Coaching

Hype Grrl, Strippah Mom, Coach, Trainer, Accountabilty Bitch…call it what
you want: 1-on-1 coaching equals you + me digging deep to reach your goals.

 Figuring out how to reach your health & wellness goals by creating habits that stick can feel overwhelming when the world operates on a different schedule than you. Finding the drive to do it can feel a helluva lot easier when you work with someone who understands the unique needs of your lifestyle. That’s where I come in. 

Most of my clients come to me feeling:

  • frustrated by toxic fitness culture
  • lost on where to begin with health & fitness
  • too busy to work out, let alone at the class times offered at their local gym
  • intimidated by the gym and the free-weight “grunt zone”
  • burned out by the physical, mental & emotional demands of their job
  • overwhelmed by their up & down relationship with their body
  • like they’ve failed for not being able to figure it out on their own

Together through virtual sessions, email support, habit-changing tools, and hand-tailored workouts we will find how to fit healthy lifestyle changes into your life and schedule WITHOUT drastic, unsustainable changes.

After working together you’ll:

  • be equipped with healthy habits that feel easily ingrained in your lifestyle.
  • discover how to make time for and create effective workouts whether you’re on the road, at home, or in the gym.
  • feel more comfortable taking up space in the weight room, knowing what moves are best for your goals and what weights to use.
  • have more energy to maintain your busy schedule and take on energy vampires who don’t understand your time is a privilege.
  • have the mindset shifts necessary to make nutritional food choices and not get hung up on “diet culture guilt” when you opt for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos over hummus & veggies.


There’s no one right way to be Healthy, much like there’s no one right way  to Hustle.

Healthy Hoe Coaching Tiers:

*All packages require a 3-month minimum commitment

The Goal Digger

Two 50-minute coaching calls a month + unlimited email support
Nutrition & Mindset Coaching
Goal & Habit setting facilitation
6-month membership to home werkout channel
Check-ins for accountability

Trophy Wife

Four 50-minute coaching calls a month + unlimited email support

*Everything included in Goal Digger Plus
1 year of access to werkout channel
Exercise programming tailored to goals, abilities, schedule and equipment access via Trainerize App
*how to videos + form analysis & feedback
Additional educational resources & tools related to your goals

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Tired of bumping but never grinding? Let’s pinpoint exactly where you feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed and work out some new moves to help you reach your goals. All broken down in easy steps you can reference over and over again…unlike the choreo from that dance class you took.


Already have a consistent exercise habit and a strong grasp on your overall wellness, but feel lost knowing exactly what to do in the gym? Do you bounce from one online workout program to the next? Let me take the guess work out by creating a program specific to your goals so you can spend more time making money moves. 


Ever wish the gym felt more like the commraderie in the dressing room, but instead of catching up on the latest drama, you were sharing struggles and learning about healthier habits with people who actually get you? Then my 6-week online group coaching program is the grrl gang you’re looking for. 

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