June FitShowgirl Spotlight: Carolyn Chiu

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After a hiatus far too long, the Fit Showgirl Spotlight is back! My intention for the Fit Showgirl Spotlight has always been to showcase people of varying performance modalities and fitness styles. So it is with great excitement that I introduce the Fit Showgirl Spotlight return with Carolyn Chiu.

In 2009, Carolyn launched a pole photography studio in New York City, “Poleography.com”. In 2010 she joined with LI Dance Fitness, where she launched her Chinese pole program; an innovative and creative combination of the art of gymnastics and the zen of yoga. All based around the pole. In that same year, Carolyn took the title of, “Hong Kong Pole Fitness Champion.”

Carolyn currently owns and runs Yoga Pole Studio in downtown Brooklyn, which is where I had the pleasure of meeting her. I first visited Yoga Pole through my class pass subscription. However it only took a couple of visits to the small mirrorless studio with its warm and welcoming environment that I chose to call it my training studio. 

Yoga Pole offers pole, handstand and aerial hoop classes as well as flexibility, acro-yoga and gymnastics/tumbling. If you live in New York and want to work on your flexibility, learn how to do a handstand or practice pole dance or aerial hoop I highly recommend checking out Yoga Pole Studio. 

Carolyn can be seen showing off her pole skills at Pole Play Wednesdays at The House of Yes. If you can’t make it out to Pole Play Wednesdays or don’t live in New York, you can follow Carolyn’s inspiring feed on Instagram as well as see photos of what’s going on at Yoga Pole on Facebook


FitShowgirl Spotlight

What is your name?
Carolyn Chiu

How long have you been performing?
About 6 years

What type of performance do you do?
My favorite performace style is pole dance

Fit Showgirl Spotlight June 2017: Carolyn Chiu

What does fit mean to you?
Fit means to me – A regular practice of movement that exercises my mind and body.

When do you feel your best?
Right after jiu-jitsu class and training

How often do you workout or are you active?
I’m active every day.

Do you have an exercise or workout regiment?
Jiu-jitsu nogi classes at Renzo Gracie in Manhattan 1-3 times a week, functional pattern training 2 times a week, inversion handstand training 2 times week is the minimum and 1-3 pole sessions per week

Fit Showgirl Spotlight June 2017: Carolyn Chiu

Do you prefer to work out at home, the gym or attend classes?
All of the above, but attending classes is my favorite.

Is there a specific type of workout/exercise you haven’t tried but are interested in?
I haven’t tried any aquatic classes but am very interested in it.

Is there a certain area of your body you concentrate on when working out?
In Jiu-jitsu, the concentration is on breathing, relaxing, decision-making, and engaging at the right time. For functional pattern training the concentrations is on arm and leg coordination, mobility, balance, strength, and agility. When it comes to handstand inversion training, I concentrate on core strength coordination, shoulder/ arm/ wrist and finger strength, and hip proprioception. Pole sessions concentrate on grip strength in hands, arms, shoulders, hips, and legs. 

Do you have a favorite piece of workout gear or accessory?
THE POLE, Lyra and other people (jiu-jitsu, acro yoga, partner exercises, etc.)
Fit Showgirl Spotlight June 2017: Carolyn Chiu

Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring female business owners?
Understand your targeted audience and how to reach them and how to communicate with them. Ask yourself does your service or product make the world a better place? Start small and test out your service or product. Collect feedback and do it again and again.

What is your biggest challenge or weakness in regards to health & fitness and what to you do to overcome it?
My biggest weakness is eating fresh foods. To overcome it, I always try to have fresh fruit and vegetables at home and where ever I go.

What are your words of advice for others on how to stay fit & focused in the nightlife world?
Self control. You must learn to control the hours of work to not over work and abuse your body with alcohol or lack of sleep. Find a pattern where you can attend fitness classes regularly. Invest in your body with quality food and shoes. If you can apply these 3 things: dedication, discipline and determination, you can accomplish any dream or ambition.

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