Jim Thorpe Festival: Day In The Life of a Fit Showgirl

I love traveling for festival’s, but in general, when I travel it’s always harder to find time to workout and eating gluten free presents it’s own set of challenges. This was my second year performing and competing in the Jim Thorpe Festival produced by the charming Madame Corsetiere. I fell in love with the town of Jim Thorpe last year and had such a wonderful time at the festival, there was no hesitation in applying again. (If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest you look it up and apply!) 

This year I set a budget, made a goal to workout at least twice and did my best to eat healthy and gluten free in a small town. 

Jim Thorpe Festival


Budget for the Weekend $120

5:20 AM: Wake Up!!!

My alarm goes blaring off and all I can think is why on earth am I waking up at 5:20 am? I’m usually just falling asleep at this time. This is not OK! Forcing myself to crawl out of bed, I brush my teeth and put on the clothes I laid out the night before. I do one last check that I have everything before laying back down for a few minutes until I need to leave the house.

6:00 AM: Depart for Port Authority

It’s a 15-minute walk to the subway, then a 30-minute train ride to Port Authority. In that amount of time, I must go over my packing checklist in my head a dozen times before accepting that I have everything.  When I finally arrive at Port Authority, my first order of business is coffee. While buying coffee I realize I forgot the fruit salad I prepared for the bus ride and had to scramble to find something cheap. I opted for a cheese stick and a banana, then sent a dozen Thank You messages to my boyfriend for the travel snacks he gave me the night before. 

7:13 AM: Board the Bus

The bus is practically empty, HOORAY!, I plop down near the front and get comfy. I was planning on getting some Blog work done on the bus but quickly realized the bus is ancient, there were no plugs and there is surely no wifi. Having a sneaking suspicion that this might happen, I grabbed the book I’m currently reading Judy Blume’s ‘In The Unlikely Event’ and settled in with my snacks for the three-hour ride. 

10:35 AM: Arrive in Jim Thorpe!

To my surprise, Lucy Buttons was on the same bus. It’s no wonder we didn’t realize it. Who is awake enough to notice anyone else boarding a bus at 7am? Madame Corsetiere’s husband is waiting to pick us up and take our luggage to the Opera House since we can’t get into our lodging until 4pm.

Jim Thorpe: Day in the life of a Showgirl & Travel Workouts 

10:57 AM: Liquor Store Run

I did some research the night before leaving and the nearest liquor store is 2 miles from the Opera House. I figure why not kill two birds with one stone, get a run in and get some booze for the weekend. So, after dropping off my luggage it’s time for a run.  I start second guessing my decision about a half a mile into the run when I remember this town is in the mountains and I’m going to be running uphill the whole way. After the first mile, I had to walk a bit here and there. Considering the hills and all the walking, I managed to still make pretty good time.  The best part was walking into the air conditioned liquor store. I took a couple minutes to cool down before buying a bottle of Gin, wrapping the handles of the bag around my wrist and heading out for the run back. At least this way was all downhill!  Even with the 5-minute break, this was the longest run I’ve done in the past two years and though it was easier going downhill, I struggled through a side cramp.
*1st half – 1.82 Miles in 21:08.
*2nd half
1.85 Miles in 17:24.
Bottle of Gin = $15.36 Total Left $102.38

11:36 AM: Lunch

Arrive back at the Opera House, out of breath and drenched in sweat. My workout for the day is complete, buuuut….I can’t shower for another 5 hours. Ugh, I retreat to the restroom to rinse my face, give my armpits a wash and put my rollers in before I head off to get some lunch. Last year I remembered eating at Bear-Appetite, so I went back there. They have GIANT salads for cheap and I opted for the cobb salad without blue cheese. It was my safest gluten free option and it’s packed with protein and good fats which I need after the run. Oh and water, lots, and lots of water.
Cobb Salad with tip = $13.00 Total left $89.38

Day in the Life of a Showgirl & Travel Workouts

1:00 PM: Tech Time!

Coming from New York, I’m accustom to performing on “stages” that are usually 6×4, so I always Tech! Tech helps me figure out how I can utilize the larger stage during my act. Plus it’s the perfect time to put on my heels and test out how the stage feels. Is it slick? Sticky? Does it have bumps and grooves I’ll want to try to avoid? That’s not the type of thing I want to discover in the middle of my performance.

1:35 PM: Work Time

After I tech, I grab my backpack and head to the local coffee shop to get some work done. There was a giant free WiFi sign in the window of The Strange Brew, and that’s where I’m headed. I buy an iced coffee and settle in to write the final post I need before I can officially launch my blog. Being away from home in a small town, cozied in at the coffee shop I swear I got more work done in those few hours than I usually do at home. Even so, four o’clock crept up quicker than I realized, so I had to shut down and go collect my luggage.
Iced Coffee = $2.15 Total left $87.23

4:00 PM: Check-in

It’s finally four o’clock and we can enter the beautiful victorian home Madame Corsetiere has rented for us. There are nine of us in this house, Uma Shadow, Freya West, Shan De Leers, Marylynn Mayhem, Scarlett Starlett, Penny Star and her friend, Lucy Buttons and myself. We were told not to enter until four or the alarm would sound. Of course, even though we waited till exactly 4pm it went off anyway and did so for almost 10 minutes. Once the alarm was shut off, we all made our way inside. Lucy and I picked one of the queen rooms we were to share and I finally got to take a shower!! The shower felt amazing but the tired had set in, it was disco-nap time.

6:30 PM: Call time

Before the doors open I run my act one more time and grab a seltzer and a bag of chips to snack on backstage. I’m fourth in the line-up and the show doesn’t start until 8pm so I have plenty of time to get ready. The Mauch Chunk theater is old and there is no A/C so I get ready in stages so as not to melt before the show. Most importantly, I make myself a drink and use the silly straw from my gift bag.
Seltzer = Free, Chips= $1.00 Total left $86.23

8:10 PM – 10:00 PM: Showtime!

The show has officially begun! I double check my hair, make sure there is no glitter on my teeth and wait for my turn to hit the stage. Still to this day, I get a wave of nerves right before I step on stage. The magical part is, the moment I do hit the stage they disappear and I am in my element. My act went great and the audience seemed to make a lot of noise. I love being in the first half of a show so I can watch the rest of the performances.  At intermission, I made my way to the balcony to watch the second half. Everyone killed it! This year was definitely a top notch group of performers.


10:15 PM: After Party

After curtain call, I gathered my things and booked it down to the bar where everyone goes post-show. The sidewalk rolls up at about 6pm in Jim Thorpe and I was hoping to make it before the kitchen closed. While I did make it in time, there was nothing on the menu I could eat. So, like the classy lady I am, I got a Dirty Martini. It does come with olives, after all! The other performers slowly began to show up and I hung out for an hour or two before calling it a night. Typically the party animal, the long day of travel and the run had taken their toll and I was eager to get back to my granola bars.
Dirty Martini with tip = $7.50  Total left $78.73

1:00AM: Bed Time

After washing off all my stage make-up I crawled into bed. I set my alarm for 8:30AM and caught up on good ol’ social media before falling asleep. Oh, and what a good night of rest it was!

I ended up with $5.00 left when I boarded the bus back to NYC at 5:35pm Sunday evening. Averaging $40 a day and under budget!


Day 2 Travel Workout:

After breakfast, I committed to getting in another workout before the day started. There were benches in the backyard of our house so I put together a quick outdoor Bench Workout and got to sweating my ass off.

Step-ups –  20 each side
Plank, knee to elbow – 20 each side
One leg elevated squat to lateral leg lift – 20 each side
Mountain Climbers – 2o
Tricep Dips – 20
Single leg elevated lunge – 15 each side
Jack Knives – 20
Single leg deadlift – 1o each side
3 rounds


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