The Offerings

If you don’t see quite what you think you need drop me a line on the contact page and let’s chat. I’m here to help you find what works best for you and that might be something that I hate doing…like running…because your health & wellness should be catered to what YOU like not what some influencer on the internet is doing.


Tired of bumping but never grinding? Let’s pinpoint exactly where you feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed and work out some new moves to help you reach your goals. All broken down in easy steps you can reference over and over again…unlike the choreo from that dance class you took.


1-on-1 coaching is like having a strippah mom but instead of mastering how to capture the audiences attention and where to buy the best mesh bra you’ll  learn the tools, strategies, and mindset shifts necessary to develop new habits in all areas of your health & fitness.


Already have a consistent exercise habit and a strong grasp on your overall wellness, but feel lost knowing exactly what to do in the gym? Do you bounce from one online workout program to the next? Let me take the guess work out by creating a program specific to your goals so you can spend more time making money moves. 


Ever wish the gym felt more like the commraderie in the dressing room, but instead of catching up on the latest drama, you were sharing struggles and learning about healthier habits with people who actually get you? Then my 6-week online group coaching program is the grrl gang you’re looking for. 

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