Class Pass: The Ultimate Way to Breakthrough Workout Rut

Over the past two weeks I’ve been exploring my city and all the fitness options it has to offer with Class Pass. I’ve always been intrigued by Class Pass, but never gave it a try because I have a routine at my own gym. But when my fellow gal pals started wanting to take classes together we decided to give Class Pass a try. I really wish I would have tried it sooner.

We purchased the promotional deal of $10 for 10 classes in two weeks. We weren’t sure we would make it to 10 classes but even if we made it to half that the price was too good to beat!

Once you register for Class Pass you can choose what types of workout activities you are interested in – Barre, yoga, strength training, kickboxing, dance, cycling, pilates…the list goes on. You can also select the time of day and the neighborhood you want to work out in. Giving you essentially a citywide playground of workout options. Not to mention such a wide variety of classes, that most of them you will never even know existed. This was definitely the case for me

Not only can you go to group classes, Class Pass offers you the option of an hour of gym time at various gyms. Talk about a great way to test run a new gym you’ve been curious about joining. 

If ever there was a way to breakthrough  workout rut, it’s with Class Pass. It allows you to easily take different classes of varying intensities all month long. The service accounts for burn out, the need to relax & recharge and the desire to try new things. 

I used my two week period to try a few classes I’d always been curious about but never made it too. I also tried out classes at studios I had never even heard of. Below I’ll take you through the classes I took, what the studio was like and what I thought of the class. I tried to take a variety of classes to get the most of my Class Pass and avoid workout rut. At the end of this post, I’ll give you a detailed breakdown of the pricing and a link to get $20 off your first month! 



1. CHAISEBandsClass Pass The Ultimate Way to Breakthrough Workout Rut

The Studio: The Financial District location was in a giant office building, conveniently located near, well not much. Unless of course you work in the financial district. The reception area set up was a bit odd, just in the middle of the hallway. The studio itself was very nice. The locker rooms were clean, bright white, and super chic feeling. The room the class was in had almost a dance club feel. It was darkly lit with blue bulbs and all the walls were mirrored. This studio definitely had a more boutique gym feel all around.

The Amenities: They had electronic lockers, eliminating the need to bring your own lock. There were towels available to use for the showers and class. Plus they had spray deodorant, hairspray, dry shampoo and razors available to use. Yes Please!

The Workout: The class I took was CHAISEbands. I knew the class would involve resistance bands but I had no idea what to expect. The class was an upbeat mix of cardio, ballet positions and strength moves with the bands. The instructor was helpful, encouraging and easy to understand and follow. I was feeling it within fifteen minutes. I was much sweatier than expected by the end of the class. Thank goodness for that spray deodorant in the locker room! The next day I could definitely feel the work we had done in my arms and abs. Overall I was happy with the class and would love to try other classes they offer.

2. AntiGravity Fundamentals

Class Pass The Ultimate Way to Breakthrough Workout Rut
The S
tudio: The bombarding pile of shoes as I stepped off of the elvevator gave me a hint about Anya Studios. As supspected once you get past the shoes the studio is very quiet and calming. The only sounds are the faint voices you can hear from instructors in classes. The lobby is a collection of small couches where you can sit and wait. The vibe is very holistic, I would be lying if I didn’t say I felt a little bit out of place. 

The Amenities: Just off the reception area there is a changing room, but there is no locker room. While they may not have any real locker rooms they do have cucumber lemon water you can drink out of real glasses, not little paper dixie cups

The Workout: I took the Anti-Gravity Fundamentals class. The silks hanging from the ceiling immediately reminded me of past aerial training. The instructor explained that during class we would be getting familiar with the silks and learning a few inversions. We started out by putting ourselves in a seated womb in the silk and setting an intention for class. After that, we moved into our first inversion. Following the inversion we were taken through various moves to loosen up our hips and lower backs. The Class finished with us lying in our silks and going back to the intention we set. Preparing ourselves to rejoin the outside world. While not a vigorous workout I LOVE LOVE LOVED this class and have every intention of going back.

Class Pass The Ultimate Way to Breakthrough Workout Rut

The Studio:  I was expecting a large warehouse type setting. When I arrived the studio ended up being one room connected to a set of apartments. One wall of the studio had mirrors and there were weights placed around the others. Various HIIT sets were written out on the mirror and you knew at once, you were here to work.

The Amenities: There were towels available to use during class. A water cooler to refill your bottle and a bathroom. That’s about it.

The Workout: A few people had cancelled so since there were only two of us the instructor got out a water rower. We rotated between one person doing the HIIT set and the other being on the rower. The biggest challenge was getting off the rower after two minutes, winded, and going straight into a HIIT set. The instructor was great and encouraged us that you can do anything for thirty seconds. At the end of the class, I was exhausted and had reached such a level of intense workout that I felt the urge to cry. I gave into sobs on the way to the train and felt proud that I had pushed myself so hard past my comfort level. This class is really all bout how hard you push yourself, it’s only as intense as you make it.  

4. Kickboxing 

Class Pass The Ultimate Way to Breakthrough Workout RutThe Studio:  I got a little lost finding the place, it’s not very clearly marked from the outside which door to go in. Plus SoHo and Chinatown can be confusing enough on their own. The gym is small and they have a lot packed in. The Ring for those who are taking more advanced classes or actually training to be fighters. A small coaching area, some treadmills and weights and the hanging bag area where we took our class. As you walk in it’s clear that this is the place you are getting a no nonsense ass kicking workout.

The Amenities: There are locker rooms, showers -though I didn’t see them- and hot coaches who will put on the hand wraps you have to purchase for class. Boxing gloves are available to borrow for class. Warning they are wet with sweat and smell like feet. But, you will be too when class is done. Grimace and pull them on or buy your own.

The Workout: I have never taken a kickboxing class, I’ve always been a little put off by them. No clue why. But when Ginger Twist says let’s take kickboxing you do it. The Instructor took us through a warm-up of squats, jumping jacks and burpees. We learned the four basic punches and spent the class using them in various sequences. Between rounds you do various core exercises like planks, mountain climbers and vertical leg kicks. After class I was amped up and ready to kick the evenings ass, that was if I still had the energy to lift my arms.

5. AntiGravity Restorative

Class Pass The Ultimate Way to Breakthrough Workout RutStudio & Amenities: Same as listed above. What can I say, I loved the Antigravity Fundamentals I couldn’t wait to take another class at Anya.

The Workout: I anticipated being sore after kickboxing and signed up for Restorative Yoga to release any tightness I might be feeling. The class started similar to Fundamentals by hanging in the womb as we set our intention for our workout. We then moved into the first inversion. After the initial inversion the instructor came around and lowered the silks about six inches off the floor. We spent the remainder of the class in a combination of positions partially lying on the floor and partially suspended by the silks. The class was calming and moved into deep stretches releasing tension throughout the body. It was the perfect class to attend while my body was tight and tense from kickboxing the night before.

6. trampoLEAN Total Body Burn

Class Pass The Ultimate Way to Breakthrough Workout RutThe Studio: Once again, this one was a little odd to locate. Even after being buzzed in you still question if this is the right place. The receptionist was so soft spoken I had no idea where she said the studio or locker rooms were. Even after asking twice. 

The Amenities:
There are lockers and showers available. The showers look a bit rough though and the bathrooms could use a cleaning. 

The Workout: 
To avoid slipping on the trampolines this class is intended to be done barefoot. Probably a smart idea. Even with bare feet the trampoline felt slippery. Throughout the whole class I felt like I might fall on my ass at any time.  Lower intensity sets of core work was mixed in between the high intensity jumping drills. Keeping your balance while learning moves and jumping around is a challenge. After multiple intervals of various jumping drills resistance bands were also incorporated. Overall, the class was a challenge and may take a few visits to find a groove on the trampoline.

7. Carolyn Chiu’s Flexibility for All Levels

Class Pass The Ultimate Way to Breakthrough Workout RutThe Studio: The studio was simple to locate in downtown brooklyn. Similar to Anya Studio shoes are taken off and left in the hall. The space is open and welcoming. There is one pole in the corner and multiple aerial rigs hanging from the ceiling.

The Amenities: The studio has a bathroom you can use as a place to change and shelves for your belongings.There is also water and snacks for purchase. That sums up the amenities.

The Workout: The class was done in a warm room to facilitate the muscles in relaxing. We started with a warmup of jumping jacks and then moved into simple stretches to loosen the muscles. We were led through a serious of positions that were held up to a minute or two. Yoga blocks were used to help support the body as we moved through class. Six to Ten Pound rice bags were also placed on our bodies to help us reach and hold deeper stretches. The class focused on the hip flexors for splits and the wrists for backbends. More than once during this class my body moved into such deep intense stretches that I had emotional release. This type of release is not uncommon during intense stretching. It stems from old trauma that the body holds onto in the psoas muscle. I do plan on returning to this class and will be more mentally prepared next time. 

8. Strictly Splits

Class Pass The Ultimate Way to Breakthrough Workout RutThe Studio: As you enter the studio there is a small reception area. The walls are lined with reset shelves full of stripper heels. There are two chairs you can wait in just off the main room. The main room is darkly lit with blacklight bulbs. Poles are spaced throughout the room and exercise mats hang on one wall. 

The Amenities: Other than a teeny tiny corner with curtain where you can change, there are none

The Workout: We were each told to grab a mat and handed a resistance band loop. There was no warm-up session to prepare the muscles. The instructor took us right into hamstring stretches with the bands. There were four of us and she came around and assisted us each into the stretch further. This happened for every stretch we did. First we concentrated on stretching the hamstrings and hip flexors. This took the first thirty minutes of the class. Then we moved on to our splits. Once agian the instructor came around and helped us move deeper into splits. For two days after class I could still feel this class in my hips.

9. Butt & Legs

Class Pass The Ultimate Way to Breakthrough Workout RutThe Studio: The doors open onto a bright and welcoming front desk. The staff were helpful and courteous. They held my backpack for me since I was a couple minutes late. The studio for the class was dimly lit with red bulbs. All the walls were mirrored with treadmills along the back wall. The floor was covered with stacked blocks. Both the treadmills and blocks are numbered and you are assigned your number during check in. 

The Amenities: Towels are available to use for class – you will need one. Similar to Chaise Fitness, the locker room has electronic lockers. Larger towels are available to use for showers. Each shower is equipped with shampoo, conditioner, face wash and body wash. Plus… they have spray deodorant! Woo Hoo! Of course, because this is a boutique style gym there was a juice bar too.

The Workout:  I was a dripping pile of sweat within ten minutes of this workout. The class starts with twelve minutes on a treadmill split between jogs and sprints. I am not a runner and by the end I was struggling to keep a steady jog. After the first treadmill session we moved into variations of squats and deadlifts using dumbbells. Just as I was feeling in my zone with the strength training moves it was back to the treadmill. This time the instructor led us through side gallops, backward runs and the dreaded high speed sprints. We ended class by going back to the weights for reverse lunges off our blocks, single leg deadlifts and side hops up and over our blocks. – I survived! I was resolved to merely a sopping wet, red in the face mess, but I survived. 

10.  …… …… …..
I didn’t make it to a 10th class but even nine in two weeks was a lot to fit into my already very full schedule.

Overall, I really loved my experience with Class Pass. I’m still kicking myself a bit for not trying it sooner.

Having a constantly changing schedule it’s hard to commit to one class at the same time every week. The ability to find classes at any time of the day in any neighborhood opened up so many options. This feature is exactly why I was able to fit in as many classes as I did in two weeks. I desperately miss my normal routine though and can’t wait to get back into my local gym. 

If you want to give Class Pass a try and I suggest you do you can use this link  for Twenty Dollars of your first month. 

Class Plass offers three packages to choose from ranging in price and amount of classes you can take. They are:
             Base – which is $75 for five classes a month, you can visit any one studio up to 2x.
             Core- which is $135 for 10 classes, you can visit any one studio up to 3x.
             Unlimited plan – for $200 you can take as many classes as you want and visit any one studio up to 3x.

While I don’t have the $135 or time for 10 extra classes in addition to my existing gym membership – I liked the access to flexibility classes so much I kept the base plan. I can now take 5 classes a month as an add-on to my personal strength training routine. I plan on using these to focus on stretching and flexibility. I’ll probably end up at another kickboxing class with the ladies too. Who doesn’t want to beat the crap out of a bag – while picturing all those annoying men who street harass you – from time to time.

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