August Fit Showgirl Spotlight: Minnie Tonka

Fit Showgirl Spotlight Minne Tonka

I’m so excited to announce the first Fit Showgirl Spotlight is the One Woman Riot: Minnie Tonka!

I met Minnie Tonka five years ago when I was a wee baby burlesque performer and she has been a source of inspiration, friendship, and love ever since. Tonka a neo-burlesque performer based out of New York is also one-half of the Schlep Sisters and was a member of Dangerous Curves ahead. I could go on for days about this woman but I suggest you check out her website, her facebook and maybe even watch some of her performances on youtube if you haven’t seen her in person.

Fitshowgrrl Spotlight:

How long have you been performing? I started performing burlesque February 2004.

What type of performance do you do? I am a neo-burlesque performer who incorporates comedy into my acts.

Minnie Tonka by Ramon Martinez

What does ‘Fit’ mean to you? Learning to listen to your body’s messages and honoring them.

When do you feel your best? When I get 9 hours of sleep, can lazily wake up, make tea and bake and make pasties at my leisure!

How often do you workout or are you active? Living in NYC I walk everywhere, but I also do yoga twice a week.

Do you have an exercise or workout regiment? My only form of exercise is walking the streets of NYC and doing yoga. Oh, and walking up four flights of stairs every day to my apartment!

Do you prefer to work out at home, the gym or attend classes? Classes.

Is there a specific type of workout/exercise you haven’t tried but are interested in? Honestly, I’ve never been a workout gal. As an adult, I’ve taken dance classes, water aerobics, pilates, and yoga. I am not a gym gal. You’ll never see me at a gym.

Is there a certain area of your body you feel is your “problem area”? What do you do to target that area? I have an auto-immune disease, rheumatoid arthritis so sadly I live with chronic pain, fatigue, and stiffness. It’s basically my whole body. But I’m healing and getting better every day.

Do you have a favorite piece of workout gear or accessory? My bed.

Minnie Tonka

What are your words of advice for others on how to stay fit & focused in the nightlife world? I know it’s hard and drinks can be flowing, but try not to drink at every gig! Also, SLEEP!!!!!

Do you have any dietary issues? I don’t but I chose to cut out dairy and gluten in 2012 to try to help with inflammation.

How do you manage those while traveling? It’s been a learning experience and I travel a lot! Basically, it’s important to not gig a few days before or after I travel. It’s also important to continue to eat well and sleep!

What’s your favorite thing to make/ favorite recipe? OMG. Sooooo much! Sooooo many! In the fall and winter, I love experimenting with soup recipes. And this past fall/winter I became obsessed with gluten free baking! It’s too difficult to narrow down but I’ll share my go-to website for gluten-free and vegetarian-friendly recipes –


In the kitchen with Minnie Tonka:

Let me just say, Minnie Tonka is a kitchen goddess. She is constantly whipping up delicious treats and posting them on her Instagram @minne_tonka for all to drool. If you don’t follow her, I suggest you change that right now because not only does she post her cooking creations she also posts photos of her performing and traveling adventures. 
Minnie Tonka

I was lucky enough to spend a Sunday in the kitchen with Minnie Tonka where we had a gluten-free no-bake “baking” day. We made two recipes, no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars, and no-bake gluten free apricot almond bars. My favorite of the two, the Apricot Almond bars is posted below. 

No-Bake Gluten Free Apricot Almond Bars
It was such a joy to spend a day catching up, girl talking and helping her shoot a promo video on her rooftop twirling tassels. We took a walk to Trader Joes to buy our supplies then it was time to get un-baking in the kitchen. I think we were both equally surprised how quick and easy the Apricot Almond Bars were to make, not to mention insanely delicious!

Fit Showgirl Spotlight

Final step naked photos with your masterpiece before eating!


[yumprint-recipe id=’4′] 

Photo credits:
#1 : Photolena
#2 : Ramon Martinez
#3 : Bettina May

Remaining photos by Dottie Dynamo

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