Hey Grrl! I’m Dottie…

a feisty, funny, sometimes messy womxn’s coaching specialist, personal trainer, sex worker and peanut butter enthusiast dedicated to helping you:

  • Move because you want to
  • Eat without obsession
  • Love your body where it’s at
  • Dominate your hectic scheule
  • Get your cash flow in order
  • And most importantly NOT GIVE A FUCK what anyone else thinks.

If you’re tired of trying to navigate through the thousands of voice’s full of advice like wake up by 6:30am, try this lunch break desk workout, don’t eat fruit after 4pm or how to budget your direct deposit while you’re digging around the crumpled bills in last nights gig bag trying to remember the last time you had a regular paycheck – look no further.

Now hear me out, I’m not the epitome of health, I’m no guru and I don’t have all the answers to the universe. I fuck-up, have trash-fire days, on occasion drink wayyyyy to much tequila and struggle with imposter syndrome,  just like the rest of humanity.

For most of my life, I mocked people who ran…ok I still sometimes do, sorry I hate running…I definitely didn’t work out and I found myself always rejecting then status quo.

I went to summer school so I could graduate high-school a semester early. I moved to New York to complete my college internship and never went back for graduation. I quit a full-time with benefits day job in my chosen field – fashion- to become a full time burlesque dancer and stripper.  I’ve been waving middle fingers my whole life and now I’m doing it towards conventional health & fitness culture.

But, my commitment is to bring you the experiences and successes I’m living so that you can skip all the years of trial and error I went through.  I promise to keep shit as real as a girl from the hood can along the way. So prepare yourself for lot’s of cussing, hard truths paired with compasssion, random dance breaks and a relentless dedication to helping you make autonomous choices for your body and life. A commitment to helping you feel confident, comfortable and successful in all areas of your health & wellness….because that shit is way more than just workouts and you deserve to be seen.

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