Hey Grrl,

Are you ready to unf*ck your relationship with food and learn to lift with confidence?

When it comes to health & fitness do you feel overwhelmed by the gym, constantly second-guessing your eating habits and like no matter what you do you never see results?

 What if you were able to finally ditch restrictive food rules and feel like a total badass in the weight room, as badass as you do on the stage?

I’m here to help you feel as confident about your health, as you do with fresh nails and a bold lip…. without feeling completely overwhelmed.

How Can I Help You

Hey, I’m Dottie

I rock 7″ platforms at night and barefoot shoes by day. As a certified womxn’s coaching specialist,  personal trainer, and stripper I work with unapologetic womxn to help them feel as confident and powerful in the gym as they do on stage.
After years of trying to piece together health & wellness advice in a way that made sense for my night owl lifestyle, I said fuck this and created FitShowgrrl. A place where you can be your salty, sassy, quirky self and cuss as much as you damn well please.

What My Clients Have to Say

Shayna H.

When I first started training with Dottie I did not know much about exercise. After 6 months I not only learned how to exercise, I actually enjoyed going to the gym! I highly recommend training with her!

Mina S.

Working with Dottie was the best. As a person who is somewhat limited in her workout abilities due to knee problems, Dottie was able to provide me with a variety of challenging and fresh routines that were effective and fun. Her kind spirit and willingness to go out of her way to motivate me were unlike any coach I’ve had before. 

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From The Blog

Listen Up Grrl,

I know you’re a DIY diva but you don’t have to figure everything out yourself. Stop wasting valuable free time following pinterest board fitness tips that don’t apply to you.

Your life is unconventional, your approach to health & wellness should be too. Let’s create a plan that’s tailored to your twerk schedule and leaves you feeling like a crisp hundred dollar bill.

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